About us

FORPRO has arisen out of passion for sport, founded by a sportsperson for sportspeople. FORPRO is the only shop with a complete range of professional NIKE PERFORMANCE running, tennis and workout/fitness clothing and children's footwear and a children's collection. NIKE PERFORMANCE is a selected collection created for sportspeople - competitors and amateurs actively doing sport. It covers clothes from the technologically best fabrics and the functionally latest models of footwear.

What makes us different?

  • we are the first shop in Poland and one of the few in Europe with the NIKE PERFORMANCE collection
  • in an area of 160 sq m we offer the greatest range of professional clothing and sports footwear
  • here you will find the latest tennis, running and workout collections as well as top-shelf models
  • our team is made up of former competitive sportspeople who through their experience provide you with the best aid in selecting clothes and shoes
  • the selection of running shoes will be made by us free of charge based on Currex videoanalysis