SISU Panorama FINLANDIA Sunglasses
Price: 24 48 €


Anti-Fog coating is a special layer that 100% prevents lens evaporation during exercise in any weather conditions. Completely eliminates moisture and condensation on the eyeglass lens.

The Mirror HD coating selectively filters blue light. This is one of the few coatings that have a double protective layer. They guarantee maximum eye protection against harmful solar radiation in all weather conditions, thanks to which it provides maximum comfort of vision. HD mirror lenses offer 400 UV protection, filter category 3 and polarizing filter.

You will perfectly match the frames to the shape of your face, which will prevent them from sliding.

Polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter than traditional plastic eyeglass lenses. It is a combination of lightness, comfort, 100% UV protection and extraordinary durability. They are ten times more resistant to shocks and scratches compared to other glasses made of plastic.

TR90, whose base substance is nylon, is used in most sports glasses. It is a durable hypoallergenic material whose technology allows you to create comfortable and flexible glasses. It works perfectly in all weather conditions.


- length behind the ears 120mm

- housing width 144mm