Nike React Miler Shield

Nike React Miler Shield Running shoes
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Running shoes


The Nike React Miler shoes provide reliable stability when running in the rain. Outsole inspired by the tire structure provides traction on slippery surfaces. Water-repellent details on the upper keep feet dry. Outsole with a tread pattern adapted to adverse weather conditions provides traction on wet surfaces. Its texture resembles the surface of winter tires. Microscopic cuts maintain traction, and multi-directional shapes drain water when in contact with the ground. Built for harsh weather conditions, the upper is light and airy. Inspired by functional outerwear, the upper is waterproof and keeps you dry. The DWR (durable and water-resistant) finish protects against moisture. The midfoot construction with a reinforced eyelet area gives the foot stability on the midsole. The wider forefoot gives the foot more room in the toe area if it swells on a long run. Nike React foam in the midsole is lightweight, springy and durable. Offset: 10mm (21mm forefoot, 31mm heel).



More grippy tread - The React Miler Shield version has a new tread with more grippy rubber, which allows better water drainage and provides traction during training in tough conditions.

Waterproof - End your workouts in the rain and avoid getting your shoes wet. The Shield version is waterproof, so you can come back home from training in the rain with a dry foot.

React cushioning - A very high level of React cushioning allows you to perform the longest planned workouts without fear of joint pain





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