Nike Studio Women's Toeless Footie

Nike Studio Women's Toeless Footie Skarpetki damskie
Price: 8 € 12 €
4 - 5.5 SX7827-010-4-5.5 8 12 € Delivery 24 h
6 - 7.5 SX7827-010-6-7.5 8 12 € Delivery 24 h
8 - 9.5 SX7827-010-8-9.5 8 12 € Delivery 24 h

Skarpetki damskie

The women's toe-free foot socks have an open structure in the toe and heel area, making them ideal for practicing yoga, pilates, barres and any type of exercise requiring the removal of shoes.

Stability during exercises.
The Nike Grip technology with non-slip yarn ensures maximum traction and excellent foot stabilization. It was placed in the front part of the foot, thanks to which stabilization was achieved during the exercises.

The open design in the toe area provides additional stability.
The open design in the area of ​​the toes surrounds the toe, preventing the socks from sliding, and the open structure in the heel area provides better adhesion to the floor.

Soft and flexible foot hole.
A nylon collar has been placed around the foot opening for softness, comfort and delicate flexibility. The sewn-in tab on the back serves as a strap that provides a secure fit around the ankle.


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Gender : mężczyzna / kobieta